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Lion's Mane Mushrooms are VERY controversial (this is just so you know about it):

Interested in Acupuncture?Start here:  

Hyperbaric Oxygen Neuropathy

-->Can skin cells be reprogrammed using Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT) to regenerate damaged tissue? It may be a bit futuristic, but they're working on it:

-->Seems like everyone with P-N is taking the supplement Alpha Lipoic Acid. Here's a look at it's history and composition

-->Gene Therapy Blocks Peripheral Nerve Damage in Mice! Read more here:

-->CBD Oil is a hot topic right now - START YOUR CBD OIL SEARCH HERE!:

-->Here's More on CBD Oil Products:

-->Yet another look at the expected benefits ofCBD Oil:

-->What about NerveRenew?:

--> Carol recommends "Vital Red" supplements found here:

--> Love the idea of cognitive behavior therapy (cbt) - not sure of how much it helps P-N, but for someone dedicated to it, cbt might be life changing! Check it out here:

-->Another form of cbt (above) is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Here's more on the topic:

-->Naturopathic Treatments - a skeptic's look:

-->Kratom is a hot topic right now - check it out here:

-->Could immune cells (not stem cells) be the right path to curing P-N?

-->Here is promising research on pain management!:

-->I'm always dubious about diets positively affecting P-N, but it can't hurt!:

-->Good overview from the Mayo Clinic:

--> Gene therapy may be our best hope:

-->Controversial look at Gabapentin:

-->A sceptical look at low level laser therapies including Anodyne:

-->Keep up to date on P-N:

-->"Respectful Insolence" blog -  pokes holes in questionable cures (highly recommended):

-->12 Tricks to mentally dealing with pain:,,20655874,00.html/view-all

--> You'll really enjoy these seminar videos from Neuropathy Action Org.!

--> Stem cell research is attracting attention, but you should read this:

--> More on Stem cell research

--> Not P-N related, but this brain power strengthening site is not to be missed!:

--> Wondering if any research is currently aimed at a cure? Read this...

--> FAQ's  about "Scrambler Therapy":

--> Reviews on Mentanx: