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Registry of other participants you may contact re: peripheral neuropathy:

Barbara at (Support group leader, Las Vegas, NV)

James at (Las Vegas, NV)

Cj at, NC )

Barry at, NC)

Tom at group leader, Dubuque, IA)

Joe at, IA)

Randy at, IA)

Judy at


Arjay at, near Toronto)

Jeff at, NC)

Rick at, OR)

John at, NY)

Roy at (Chapel Hill, NC)

Dee at (Atlanta, Ga)

Ron at, NC)

Billie at, Fla)

The Following Are Advisors to this Group and they Welcome Your Comments & Suggestions:

Pamelia (Alabama)*


Linda, NC)*

Joe K. at (Dubuque, IA) *

Phil at, NC) *

Barlow at County, NY)*

Michael Wright at

*= Member, Board of Advisors

- Frustratedw/medical professionals? Email Subject Matter Expert Pamelia at:

- Want to talk to about Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)? Our Subject Matter Expert is:

- Want to know more about Saving $ on prescription drugs? Our SME is Joe at

- Questions about  Stem Cell Treatments?  Our SME is Lloyd at

- (hATTR) amyloidosis  mimics peripheral neuropathy - Karen can tell you all about it:

- For POC stimulators and compressed nerve issues, contact Abigail at

- Interested in legal Medical Marijuana? Paul would be happy to exchange emails:

- Water aerobics can be beneficial! Barry knows all about it:

- Is your P-N the result of Chemotherapy? Dwan will be happy to email with you:

- Are Balance Issues a concern? Tom has been dealing with that & you can email him at:

- Hand Controls for your car? Email Phil who had them installed:  Writes Phil...

"I found a hands control installer willing to do the job without my having to take an expensive driver rehabilitation certification course. Learning on my own was intimidating at age 77, but I took it slow and regained my lost independence."

- Applying for disability?  Celena has been through it:

- Are you interested in MBSR (Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction? Ken has experience with this & is happy to answer your questions:

- Can essential oils reverse P-N? Joe has had some luck with

-- Can spinal cord stimulationwork with P-N? Michael is under using this!

- Interested in Calmare (aka Scrambler) therapy? Email Ron at: and/or Joe K. at 

- Are you considering IVIG treatments? Scott will be happy to discuss the process:

-Wrestling with autonomic peripheral neuropathy? You are welcome to email Craig at

-Want to know more aboutEssential Tremors?Email Barlow at

-Ever consideredPower Plate Exercises? Email Don at 

-Interested inTai Chi? You are welcome to email Barlow  Writes Barlow...

"Tai chi is certainly no panacea or silver bullet for Peripheral Neuropathy, however, with dedication, patience and perseverance, it will assist individuals in gaining an increased awareness of one’s own body and sense of balance."