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Barlow sent us this link to a comprehensive look at marijuana

Lloyd submitted this excellent article on sleep apnea & P-N:

Turmeric can be good and bad - read more here:

Barlow found this riveting video on the dangers Chinese pills sold in the U.S.:

Our Group member Phil from Charlotte is published on the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy website! Read his excellent article on hand controls for cars here...

Could low levels of vitamin D be the problem?:

Keep up with the latest in P-N information here:

Could low levels of vitamin D be the problem?:

Thanks Barlow for this fascinating article on the effects of marijuana on seniors:

Thanks Phil for an excellent basic overview of where medical professionals are on marijuana:  Your Guide to Questionable Medical Devices (Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.)  (The Leading P-N Foundation’s Website w/complete support group listing. All peripheral neuropathy interested parties start here and support them!)  (Western Neuropathy Association – Bev Anderson’s amazing site!) (Neuro discussion boards – a “must” for P-N warriors and seekers alike!)  (Paste into Facebook to join!)  (University of Kansas Medical Center – just enter “peripheral neuropathy” in “Search” on the right – fabulous articles! A favorite site of mine!)  (Dominick Spatafora’s wonderful website – AND DON’T MISS THE ANNUAL P-N SPEAKER CONFERENCE AVAILABLE ON THIS WEBSITE!)  (Pharmaceutical, holistic and supplemental solutions from the amazing Graedon’s! Enter “peripheral neuropathy” into “Search”)  (The American Chronic Pain Association.  Note the interesting links to the right – the “Coping Calendar” was an especially good idea!)  (The Frugal Nurse – a different look at healthcare!)  (Washington DC Metro PN Support Group newsletter)   (Worried about driving? Interesting look at driverless cars)   (Med Shadow – balancing drug risks)   (Bev Anderson's amazing website literature page - look for  – DrWm Donovan's notes!)