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-Gene Richardson's "Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy"

-Shirley Lynn's "Book of Peripheral Neuropathy & More"

-Barlow Humphries "Balance Issues and what to do about it"

-Paul Sixta's "History of Marijuana" (and why it has been stifled by the government).

-Joe Korzelik's "Results of one person's experimentation with Essential Oils
for relief from Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms"

-John McNeil's "Neuropathy From Drugs"

-The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy's (FPN) Nancy Frohman's "How the FPN helps sufferers of P-N"

-Follow Phil Clutts through four short, but really interesting, chapters on his "adventures" with getting set up with hand controls for cars!

-Joe Korzelik on "Scrambler Therapy"

-Joe Korzelik on "How to lower prescription drug costs"

-Dr. Ahmet Hoke on "Nerve-related supplements"

-Arjay's notes on comparing "Fibromyalgia to Peripheral Neuropathy"

-Ron Lucatis discusses his personal experiences with "Calmare Treatments"

-Barlowe Humphries on "Tai Chi Chuan"

-Dr. Donovan's detailed notes on the"Physiology of Peripheral Neuropathy"



  Pamelia Jackson, Topic: On Patient/Doctor relationships

-Doctors are allotting less time than ever for patients, so…

-You have to treat your doctor like you are a salesperson and the doctor is your client!

-Have your questions written down and ready.

-Arrive prepared for any tests or questions.

-Remind your doctor if they overlooked any questions or tests.

-Verbally summarize your conversation with the doctor before leaving.

-After two bad visits with the doctor, consider changing doctors!