"Home Remedy" Tips for Coping With Peripheral Neuropathy!

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                  (Note that the creator of this site does not endorse any of these suggested nostrums)


- Hot stingy feet?  Try adding Epsom salts to cool water & soaking your feet (thanks Bev & Barbara)

- Burning feet? "Blue Emu" cream works every time for Bonnie, while Billie uses ice packs on her feet

- Not a "topical" per se, but some have recommended freezing a plastic pop bottle and rolling your feet back and forth over the it (consider wearing a thin sock for this).

-Temporary pain  relief rubbing oil:  https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/frankincense--myrrh-neuropathy-rub/ID=prod6219706-product?ext=gooKBM_PLA_-_Health_Care&pla&adtype=pla&kpid=sku6191880&sst=_k_CjwKCAjw1KLkBRBZEiwARzyE71mAw_VryYEXVl0Y5v0ubo5nqBpYyNPMWdMjdcxMbXvE7Y9dw7l8khoCrsUQAvD_BwE_k_&gclid=CjwKCAjw1KLkBRBZEiwARzyE71mAw_VryYEXVl0Y5v0ubo5nqBpYyNPMWdMjdcxMbXvE7Y9dw7l8khoCrsUQAvD_BwE


- Sensitive feet? Try alpaca socks around the house or to bed (thanks Joe and Linda)

- Best neuropathy socks for everyday or athletic wear? I really love Orthofeet brand with padded soles (Cj )


- Could you lose some weight and exercise? Do it!  Probably won't help your P-N, but you're guaranteed to feel better and your balance will improve, if only slightly

-This tip comes from the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy: Try exercising by walking in water! Easy on the joints, yet a good cardiovascular exercise! Email Barry on the "P-N Contacts" page for some good ideas!

-Gentle stretching with Miranda Esmonde White on PBS (check local listings - thanks Donna for this and the next tip)

-Qi gong movements https://www.nqa.org/what-is-qigong-

-Tai Chi is often cited as a good exercise regimen for peripheral neuropathy: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/the-health-benefits-of-tai-chi

-Drop Foot? Try these exercises to help! http://youtube.com/watch?v=xrsV4ybwavc

-Can you handle "chair yoga"? (thanks Lloyd!): Not as easy as it sounds! (thanks  https://dailycaring.com/chair-yoga-for-seniors-reduce-pain-and-improve-health-video/


-Pain is sometimes a mental game. Donna finds when she distracts herself it helps a bit (and also finds when she overdoes things, the pain is WORSE).

-Sudden stabbing pains? Closely study your hand (or any close object) to redirect your brain away from the pain

-Considering prescriptive pain drugs? Consider the concept of "pain acceptance" to delay taking prescription pain meds

-Barlow tells us if one hand is shaking, take the index finger of the other hand and push it lightly into to the palm of the shaking hand.


-Barlow has another good tip -  if P-N is affecting your hands,  get a stamp & pad made up with your signature!

-When sitting (restaurant, visiting etc.) lean slightly forward, feet flat, heels raised, on your toes. Helps circulation!

-Important safety/coping tip from Phil: you can become disoriented during a power failure at night. Pick up some emergency lights to plug into especially dark rooms - example: https://www.amazon.com/Double-Emergency-Power-Failure-Light/dp/B005P595VK

-Try using  large heating pads and small, soft, lightweight rugs (or padded bath mats?) for comfort.  Arjay even sleeps with these on her and have them available all over the house (thanks Arjay)

-And Arjay also recommends "the stick" for messaging painful parts before bedtime :  https://www.amazon.com/Stick-Travel-Flexibility-Therapeutic-Potentially/dp/B000P7PVWU/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_121_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2JRT4BRPNG6GBD1CVB67

-Keep a P-N journal. Don't overdo the entries or you will quickly lose interest. One way is to select a pain plateau and every time your discomfort crosses that line jot down what you were doing (including eating and drinking)

-Washing feet can be difficult with balance issues. Phil offers this tip - Infuse a wash cloth with soap, drop it on the shower floor, then scrub the bottoms of your feet on the soapy wash cloth!

-Toenails need clipping? Barlow reminds us that Medicare will pay for a Podiatrist to clip your nails every 65 days! (This may require having an Advantage Plan)

-How is your handwriting? Explore "talk-to-text"  - once you get used to using this, you'll never go back!

-Consider having groceries delivered to your home.


-Stabbing pains? Try 3 ibuprofen or extra strength Tylenol and move around. Allow 30-minutes for this to work (thanks Mike)

-Leg cramps? Shirley recommends swallowing regular yellow mustard saying, "I take a teaspoon when I have leg cramps."  https://www.peoplespharmacy.com/2016/08/29/how-does-a-teaspoon-of-mustard-cure-muscle-cramps/

-Stay hydrated! And tonic water (with quinine) can help to prevent leg cramps.


-If you're still driving with P-N affected legs and feet...

1) Consider hand controls for cars. Contact Phil if you'd like advice on this subject: pclutts@earthlink.net

2) Stay twice as far behind other cars as normal.

3) Anytime you are stopped, slip the car into neutral!

4) Consider alternate ways of getting around (Uber, Lyft, Taxi's etc.).

-And Phil sent us an excellent link - you can now order Uber or Lyft without a cell phone! https://gogograndparent.com/

-If you're buying a new car, look for one with a collision avoidance system: https://www.autobytel.com/car-buying-guides/features/10-top-cars-with-collision-avoidance-systems-132648/

Sleep Aids:

-Phil has found a capsule of valerian root sometimes works.

-Try the "poor man's" sleep apnea test - video record yourself sleeping!  (If you see anything that alarms you, consult with your physician !

-Hot sensitive feet in bed? Consider a blanket lift bar...https://www.amazon.com/s?k=blanket+lift+bar&hvadid=177812981248&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9009654&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=8657360499350987800&hvtargid=aud-509611686427%3Akwd-1612865741&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_pdr0qvt2t_e