Retail Products to help you cope with peripheral neuropathy

Important Note: We do not endorse any products or brands shown here. They are simply examples of products you may or may not find helpful. Shop around for other brands and use your best judgement when considering products found here.

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-Heatied Foot Pads:

-Neuropathy in Hands? Weighted Utensils Might Help

-Plush Shoes

-Seated Exercise Peddler

-Foot Vibrators

-Neuropathy Socks

-Wearable Pain Relief:

-Can't button buttons? Try this ! :

-Mesh Fiber nylon tipped stylus' work great!:

-Electronic Sleep Aid

-Sock Sliders For Putting on Socks Without Bending:

-Keep Bed Covers Off Your Feet:

-Support hose has helped some people with leg pain at night:

- Power Plate Exercises Promise Quick improvement of gait, core stability and balance (contact Don atdwkerker@gmail.comfor tips on using these:

-Hand Tremors? Try: